3BHK - Shekhar ladhe

Mr. Shekhar had different ideas for his home decor, so we helped him create a design that would suit the needs of everyone in his family. Our interior designers in Bangalore are skilled at combining different styles and personal touches to create the perfect home. We made sure that everything was tailored to their preferences, resulting in a unique and comfortable space.

Furniture Plan.

1nd floor

2nd floor

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Final Project Image

Kitchen Design

Working Image

Client Name: Shekhar ladhe
Location: ausa
Size of home: 3BHK
Design team: Interior designer Ravi Hindole
Interior cost service: Home design 


I am an interior designer I help people to design their homes and I am working in this field for 9 years in Pune we have completed more than 700 projects in Pune and i aim to be 100 in Latur want to do more interior than

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